I originally built this site in the summer of 2003 as a POC to be able to read files from the directory system using ColdFusion. I had been collecting small icons for a few years before that and I just wanted a single place to store them AND be able to see what the icons looked like on a web page. After having to rebuild my development machine and almost losing my collection I decided to purchase a domain name, get a ColdFusion license and release my collection to the world. In 2008 I bought the domain name icons16x16.com and this site was born.

The website got decent enough traffic the first few years but the landscape of the internet and web development changes at such a quick pace I never gave it the time or effort it needed to make it big. With the release of Font Awesome in 2012 and Bootstrap in 2011 the options for web design icons were far better than this site had to offer.

So in 2020 I decided to put this site into "Archive mode". Using Gatsby and React I have statically generated the site as html only. By removing the need for a ColdFusion application server it significantly lowers the cost of hosting the site and will increase the time I will still keep this site alive.

Thanks for visiting my site.

Jan, 2020